New Equipment Offered

PlayCubes Extensions

New for 2021! These PlayCubes Extensions are exciting elements that add challenge and varied climbing paths to any PlayCubes structure!

ExoFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment

ExoFit provides a full body, outdoor fitness gym to help people meet their physical goals. The equipment is durable
To withstand the harshest environments while being used in an unsupervised park environment. They also have an
ExoKids line specifically designed for children under the age of 13. All ExoFit products are simple and easy to use!

Our Town

Our Town was created with input from child development and inclusive play consultants to ensure that everyone is welcome. Although Our Town was designed specifically for the 2-5 year olds, there’s something for everybody- older kids, typically developing children, children with disabilities, and parents and caregivers.

Mighty Descent

Mighty Descent is a daring new play experience from Playworld. Multiple children can enjoy sliding together on this 8ft, extra-wide slide. This massive slide is the first of its magnitude! Prism Pass is the perfect compliment to Mighty Descent. It utilizes the space under Mighty Descent by providing a colorful maze full of bright panels that encourage social and imaginative play! The snug areas of Prism Pass also create a pleasant cozy space.