Large Dog Park KitDog Park Equipment 

A dog park is a great resource in a community. Not only does it offer a place for our beloved furry friends to release their energy, develop social skills, and get exercise, but it also adds economic value to the neighborhood. 

No matter what size or style of park you are planning, call Playground Specialists to provide the dog park equipment you need! 

We offer many different lines of play equipment for dogs, including elements for competitive discipline training. Components can be individually purchased or ordered in kits for your convenience. (Large Dog Park Kit Pictured)

All surfaces are coated in our special Paw Protect coating for the hygiene and safety of the pets. 

Parts can also be matched with benches and tables for the owners, creating a comfortable place for dog lovers to meet and chat while their dogs play. 

Here at Playground Specialists, we are park enthusiasts. We are dedicated to designing the most fun places in East Coast communities, and providing the highest-quality products to achieve any vision. 

As a family business, we are proud to serve Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia. Learn about our local awards and recognitions here!

Contact us for more information regarding our Dog Park Equipment, park design, and recreational installation services in your area!