Outdoor Musical Equipment

Outdoor play doesn’t have to just be for physical development; your playground can encourage the artistic and musical exploration of visitors with outdoor musical equipment from Playground Specialists!

We offer a variety of outdoor musical equipment to spark imaginations and nurture young musicians.

Percussion Play

Percussion Play develops and creates awesome outdoor musical equipment for all ages!

Turn your outdoor space into a musical soundscape with weather-resistant equipment that looks and sounds just like real instruments.

We offer single instruments so you can create your own groupings, or ensemble packages for a ready-made symphony.

View Percussion Play’s full catalog to choose your installation!

Percussion Play

Instruments Include:

Musical Instruments for Commercial Playgrounds- Installation in VA

Ensembles Include:

Musical Instruments for Commercial Playgrounds- Installation in VA

NEW! Flower Instruments

Outdoor musical equipment doesn’t have to just look like instruments to be great – It can even look like flowers!

Harmony Flowers and Harmony Bells from Percussion Play all feature different notes, heights, and colors to let your magical garden grow and bloom.

Adding Harmony Flowers and Harmony Bells to your playspace provides a host of benefits, including:

  • Visually stimulating and playful
  • Suitable for inclusive playgrounds
  • Colorful design, easy to fix, and great sound
  • Engaging sensory resources
  • Suitable for ADA accessible parks/projects
  • Pollen-free

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