Park & Playground Site Amenities in Maryland

When you design a playground, you need to think of more than just the play equipment. Your Maryland park also needs to have amenities!

Finding high-quality, gorgeous benches, trash cans, tables, and more doesn’t have to be hard. At Playground Specialists, we provide a wide range of site amenities to complete any playground setting

We are family-owned and -operated, and we make all our company decisions based on what products are best for families.

Some of the brands we carry include:

  • MyTCoat
  • Paris Site Furnishings
  • PlaySpec Furnishings

MyTCoat offers high-quality site amenities that feature a new, drip-free coating. All pieces arrive quickly and are budget-friendly so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Shop their selection of benches, trash receptacles, picnic tables, grills, and custom products!

Paris Site Furnishings is a leading manufacturer of outdoor site amenities. Our partnership works in order to help bring your playground dreams to life. Each of their products is well-made, durable, and beautiful to look at, ticking all the boxes for a great playground. They offer a variety of styles that are all waterproof and built to withstand harsh Maryland weather conditions.

Not sure what site amenities are right for your park or playground? Contact us today for a consultation!