Playground Design Services in Baltimore, MD

All kids deserve fun, safe, stimulating play environments. Every great project begins with an exceptional design. That’s why we offer expert playground design services in Baltimore, Maryland.

From your initial site evaluation to our 3D renderings, we work to create a space that’s exactly what you want, free of charge. Our exclusive equipment partnerships let us offer state-of-the-art equipment choices to help make your playground the most fun it can be.

In addition, our team is composed of experts who are happy to help at every step of the way.

Whether you’re working with budget constraints or limited space, our team is ready to respond to any unique challenge you may have. Our years of experience working with a wide range of playground conditions and designs allow us to handle it all.

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Inclusive Playground design in Baltimore, MD

Unfortunately, not every playground is made for every kid. But we believe they should be! The holistic benefits of play belong to EVERYONE in our community.

That’s why our inclusive designs allow every child to have fun, no matter their specific limitations, challenges, or needs.

In fact, at Playground Specialists, we have three certified Inclusive Play Design Specialists on staff. Each prioritize bringing the holistic benefits of play to everyone – all locations, all ages, and all differences that make children unique.

We’ve served Baltimore, Maryland, for over 20 years, and we intend to keep doing that for years to come. Schedule your consultation today!