All parents want their children to spend less time on screens. But without parks and playgrounds in their community, what else can they do? Here at Playground Specialists, we are passionate about giving a space for children to play, explore, exercise, socialize, and above all, have fun! That’s why we offer professional playground design in Brunswick, Maryland, and the surrounding areas. 

We handle the entire process, from the initial site evaluation to the equipment selection, and finally the creation of detailed 3D renderings. Whatever vision you have in mind for your playground, we can create a unique space for your community that will last for years to come.

Customers choose to work with us because we understand the products we design, sell, and install. In addition, our exclusive partnerships allow us to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices that you’ll love.

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Inclusive Playground Design in Brunswick, MD

All children deserve to have fun, regardless of their age or physical ability. That’s why Playground Specialists prioritize inclusivity in our design process. 

We have three certified Inclusive Play Design Specialists on staff who are focused on bringing the holistic benefits of play to EVERYONE. Our playgrounds cater to all locations, all ages, and all the differences that make children unique.

Whether you’ve got budget constraints or limited space, our team is ready to respond to any challenge you may present. We have years of experience working with a variety of playground conditions and designs, and we can handle it all.

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