Recreational Equipment in Virginia

Enjoy the outdoors with equipment provided to you by Playground Specialists. We combine safety, fun, and affordability to give you recreational playground equipment in Virginia. As a family-owned business, we gear our products toward whole families, making sure everyone has something fun to do outside.

Our playground equipment is top-of-the-line from high-end brands such as Playworld, Berliner, and Cre8Play. All of our pieces are designed to withstand long-term rough play and weather so the fun can last for years!

We work with our manufacturers to make sure safety is the top priority when creating all of our pieces. We not only meet ADA laws, but exceed them. Check out our commercial playground equipment portfolio here!

As you get older, your interests change. We know playground equipment doesn’t always appeal to older children and adults so we now offer outdoor fitness equipment! Take steps toward developing a healthier lifestyle while still having fun with our unique pieces from ExoFit. 

Our outdoor fitness equipment is designed to give you a full-body workout while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. The equipment is durable and made to accommodate all shapes and sizes of people. Meet the first adult playground!

Recreational Playground Equipment, Design & Installation in Virginia

Nothing sets the mood like music. Our manufacturer Percussion Play has outdoor musical equipment made for anyone to enjoy. Don’t worry if you have no musical expertise, as our pieces are made for anyone to play. Stimulate your brain and appease your ears at the same time with our outdoor musical equipment!

Are you a big sports player and fan? We provide general outdoor sports equipment too!

From lacrosse to basketball to soccer we have the equipment for it all. Our providers Gared, Douglas, and VersaCourt are top companies that produce reliable equipment meant to last years.

Your furry friend also deserves an outdoor space to play which is why we carry dog park equipment as well! We have a variety of pieces that can be purchased separately or in kits! And to guarantee longevity, all of our pieces are covered in a paw-protection coating. Now everyone, even your dog, can have a blast enjoying the outdoors. 

Through Classic Recreation Systems, we also offer important outdoor amenities that make your outdoor recreation center complete. From shade structures to shelters and kiosks to bus stops and dugouts, we have it all! 

Do you ever find yourself at the park wanting to grill out? Or perhaps you need to throw away trash or sit down to take a break from all of the fun? Complete your park with picnic tables, benches, trash cans, or grills. Through MyTCoat and Paris Site Furnishings we offer all of these durable outdoor furnishings and more! 

If you want to create the most comprehensive outdoor recreational space, look no further than Playground Specialists to fulfill all of your needs. Contact us today to learn more!