Inclusive play is the concept of ensuring that all children, regardless of their abilities, are able to participate in play. All children are created equal with the same desire and want to experience play. This means that play spaces, equipment, and activities should be designed in a way that accommodates children with physical, sensory, and intellectual disabilities. To ensure a safe play environment, services like playground surfacing essex help create a safe and comfortable surface for kids to enjoy.

Inclusive play motivates and encourages children to interact and learn from one another, building a strong fellowship and understanding. At Playground Specialists, our team is committed to designing, creating and installing play spaces intended for children of all abilities. Playground Specialists works closely with numerous manufacturers, such as Playworld, that understand that inclusive play stresses the crucialness of including all children. Playground Specialists create play areas where diversity is treasured.

A truly inclusive playground includes numerous components. One component includes physical, sensory, and social play elements. Such elements include sensory walls; allowing children to interact with musical and cognitive concepts. More than one child may use the sensory board at once, engaging social skills. Playworld’s Sensory Products are some of the best in the industry! Secondly, inclusive playgrounds provide challenges for all children of all abilities. Inclusive playgrounds will not always allow each child to participate in all available activities, however the playground gives children an opportunity to choose their desired activity. Third, wet pour rubber surfacing, flush transitions, and wide routes are used making it easier for individuals to maneuver throughout the play area. Lastly, an inclusive playground will include shade, water fountains, and benches. These amenities allow for each individual to feel comfortable, relaxed, and rejuvenated just in time for more play!

Given the extensive product line provided by Playworld, Playground Specialists is able to go above and beyond with creating the playground that suits you! We have the ability to create playgrounds for early childhood and school-aged children, enabling a wide range of versatility and enjoyment! Contact us to discuss your plans!