Shade is an essential characteristic of playgrounds as it provides protection from the harmful UV rays produced by the sun. Children are more vulnerable to sunburn and other forms of skin damage than adults. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause lifelong consequences such as skin cancer and premature aging. More than 90 percent of skin cancer is caused by sun exposure! Seeking protection from the sun is crucial all year around and not just during the summer months. In order to create a safe play environment, it is crucial that we provide necessary components to do so. Another important aspect of creating a safe play environment for children is Playground Resurfacing. This reduces the risk of injuries from falls.

Playground shade is a large investment. However, Playworld provides quality products that not only protect individuals from harmful UV rays, but also the equipment. Shade also makes a playground more inclusive. Some individuals are not able to be directly exposed to sunlight, while others are on serious medications, prohibiting them from being in the sun; with shade, all individuals are welcome outside in a comfortable and cool environment. 

Each shade product blocks up to 90 percent of UV rays, keeps the playground 20 degrees cooler, and is designed to withstand normal wind loads of 90mph with the appropriate footing. We offer a large selection of shade fabric options that can be stand alone or attached to play equipment. The shade products are easy to install as well as maintain, making them the perfect addition to any playground. 

No playground is complete without a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors while staying shielded from the sun. Invest in a stylish, durable place to enjoy a snack, watch your children play, and cool down with high quality fabric shades from Playground Specialists! Start your project by calling us today!